Many various characters appear in Black Behemoth. Mainly, there are six characters in which the story revolve around. However there are subcharacters who help develope the story or explain the six character's past.

Main CharactersEdit

They participates in 34th Talisman Exam for different reasons.


  • Delsim
  • Emeth

6 Grandmaster TalismanEdit




  • Maris
  • Mejes
  • Gluttony (Chapter 5 - standing next to Rinkle & Wingchell sitting down eating ice cream by stair)

Astral ChildEdit

  • Sulhe (Chapter 10)

Makpadon/MacFardon SchoolEdit

  • Mac Fardon
  • Anthony (Anton)


  • Projection of Rinkle
  • Projection of Wingchell
  • Rinkle's Projection
  • Wingchell's Projection


  • Knulp Legnoff
  • Maxius Protocol
  • Dog (Fox?)
  • Laulis Crison
  • Cecilia
  • Dante Crank

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