Rinkleletter and the leach

Other names: Wrinkleletter, Winkle, Wrinkletter

Wrinkleletter is a young man who is trying to become a Talisman. He was born with 8 wires connected to his hands, feet, and head. He may control their length and properties. He is very aggressive and quick to violence.

Due to his long hair and feminine features, he is frequently called a girl.

Battle SkillsEdit

Wire Edit

Wrinkle "Was Born" with 8 wires in his head that connect to his hands and feet. He is able to control their length and properties at will. This control over them make them very dangerous. He may also use them to make dots and lines for the theory of wrath, his other ability (See below).

  • Butterfly Hell Binding (Chapter 3)
  • Copper Wire Hummingbird Cut (Chapter 3)
  • Elasticity
Spring Shield
  • Angle
  • Spider
  • Icicles
  • Iceberg

Theory of WrathEdit

  • Stage 2: Rage Spear, Rage Axe, Rage Scythe
  • Stage 2 + Angle: Rage Bite
  • Stage 2 + Elastic: Reverse Guillotine, Rage Hurricane
  • Stage 3: Guillotine Paper, Double Guillotine, Eruption Paper, Rage Shield

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